First Look at Cristin Milioti as Sofia Falcone from the Set of ‘The Penguin’

The HBO Max streaming series The Penguin will see Colin Farrell suit back up as Oz Cobblepot and navigate a Gotham in chaos following the events of 2022’s The Batman. It’s been reported that the series will take place almost immediately after the final act of The Batman and a new batch of set photos may prove just that.

The new photos not only provide the first clear look at Cristin Milioti‘s Sofia Falcone but also seem to be taken outside of a church. Sofia’s father, Gotham crime boss Carmine Falcone, was murdered in The Batman so it’s possible the scene filmed today is his funeral. The photos also seem to confirm that Berto Colon has joined the cast as an associate of Falcone’s.

Farrell was on set for the potential funeral as well. Given Cobblepot’s less than stellar opinion of Falcone and his involvement with him on the night of his death, it’s safe to assume he won’t be getting along well with Sofia and her brother Alberto, played by Michael Zegan.

The Penguin currently has no time table for release but should be ready to stream by mid-2024.

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