First Look at ‘Falcon and The Winter Soldier’s Flag-Smasher(s) Revealed

Falcon and the Winter Soldier still has no release date. It was originally going to air in August, but now WandaVision has the honor of kickstarting the new Disney+ era for Marvel Studios. Even after the constant delay, we barely have any idea about what we can expect from the story. We know that Baron Zemo will play a major part, and we get introduced to a brand new Captain America. Charles revealed one more big bad about two months ago would also make his appearance in the series, ULTIMATUM’s Flag-Smasher. We didn’t get a great look at the character, but some of his goons wore outfits quite similar to their comic counterpart. @tfatwsbr was so nice to share some promotional material that offered our first official look at the character and ULTIMATUM’s logo.

It looks like they took a very different approach from the character’s original design. It states Flag-Smashers, so we might see a variety of members wear that moniker throughout the show. It could even be a new name for the group instead of ULTIMATUM. We still have no official word, who could be playing the character, but it was theorized that it is Noah Mills. So, who knows if the one showcased here might turn out to be the real one.

For those wondering, as per usual in the Marvel Universe, ULTIMATUM is an acronym. It stands for Underground Liberated Totally Integrated Mobile Army To Unite Mankind. They might be avoiding having to spell that out in the show, so they just went with a new name. The group’s logo is a nice spin on the original. Hopefully, the fact that this promotional material making the rounds also means we could get some news on the show’s future soon. Until then, we can theorize what their inclusion might indicate for the Disney+ show.

Source: Twitter

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