First Look at ‘Moon Knight’s Layla and Khonshu Funko Pops

moon knight khonshu funko

After another episode of Moon Knight has arrived and that also means we once again get a brand new set of Funko Pops. This time around, we got our first look at not only Layla but also Khonshu. The Egyptian deity looks extremely detailed though we can’t see if his head is directly connected to the body, or they went with a similar design to what we see in the show. He also comes with a new glow-up version that is now available to pre-order.

The Funko Pops have been great additions for collectors, especially as we get new ones with each episode. Considering we’ve seen Layla and Khonshu in the previous episode, it looks like we’ll never know when something might find its way online and what the upcoming episodes might have in store for us. As their adventure in Egypt continues, who knows who else we might meet along the way besides the various Avatars we met in the previous episode.

We still have three more episodes to go. So, there are a lot of opportunities to explore what the future has in store not only for Moon Knight but also for the MCU. The recent Emmy submissions continued to push the fact that this series is more of a limited series rather than one to feature multiple seasons, but Loki is the only one with multiple seasons so far. So, we’ll see what the future has in store.

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