First Look at Teagan Croft’s White Raven Costume in ‘Titans’ Season 4

titans white raven

Warner Bros. has been currently busy axing projects left and right, but some are still moving forward even in the chaos that is “HBO Max” or whatever new name it might get at some point next year. Among the various shows still in production, Titans are currently releasing its fourth season and the Twitter account has released the first look at Teagan Croft as White Raven.

The show has been building up her development from Rachel Roth to embracing the light side of her powers, uncovering that there is more to her than the darkness that her father Trigon forced upon her. The design takes many cues from the iconic hood, which we saw in hoodie form in the earliest seasons but naturally with the white design and a new dress.

This isn’t the first time that Raven’s white form was adapted, as 2003’s Teen Titans also built up a lot of its show to the eventual confrontation with Trigon, which resulted in Raven becoming White Raven. Titans has long been under the shadow of the original animated series but there’s the question of how they will generally handle her character.

There’s also the question of what the future has in store for Titans. We don’t know if HBO Max shows will continue in their current form and that means there’s a good chance that some projects might not get another season. Who knows if Season 4 will be the final one for the project and if this might be their way of making use of the potential wrap-up of this series.

Source: Twitter

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