First Look at ‘The Art of WandaVision’ Artbook

wandavision art

There’s a tradition with Marvel Studios films that an art book commonly follows at one point. It offers a look behind-the-curtains and how they bring some of our favorite characters to life. It was uncertain if the same is the case for the Disney+ series, but luckily it seems we got the answer we were looking for. Marvel Studios’ Director of Visual Development and Concept Artist Andy Park has shared the first look at an Art of WandaVision book with its cover highlighting Wanda’s transformation into the Scarlet Witch and her family from the Disney+ series.

Park‘s artwork has always been impressive and showcases his love for detail. Scarlet Witch’s MCU design feels like the perfect blend of her comic outfit with a blend of practicality. There are always interesting secrets hidden in the many chapters of these Art of books, as they sometimes also hint at concepts that didn’t make it past the concept phase. There was artwork prepared for Doctor Strange wearing the Iron Man armor in Avengers: Infinity War and even some alternative designs for Spider-Man’s many suits throughout the MCU. It’ll be interesting to see what secrets this book includes.

Source: Twitter

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