First Production Details for Millenium’s Second ‘Hellboy’ Reboot

hellboy reboot

It hasn’t been easy for Hellboy. The franchise was made a Hollywood staple with its two films directed by Guillermo del Toro, which sadly wasn’t as big of a box office success as they were able to finish their trilogy. So, they gave it another shot in 2019 with David Harbour taking over the role popularized by Ron Perlman. Now, Millenium Media is ready to give it another shot with the upcoming adaptation under the title Hellboy: The Crooked Man.

Brian Taylor of Crank fame will be directing the film and they are already eyeing a production start in Bulgaria next month. It seems that no one has been cast just yet but they do seem to be in the final stages of finding their cast. Comics creator Mike Mignola is also involved with the project and even wrote the script alongside Chris Golden, who is his comic collaborator for Dark Horse. They promise the story will “expand Hellboy’s world through one of the most beloved issues of the comic series.” Surprisingly, this is the first time that Mignola is involved with the film franchise.

The adaptation is inspired by the 2008 comic, which was released around the time Hellboy 2: The Golden Army found its way into theaters. Millenium took over the rights for the iconic character back in 2018 and they are hoping to establish a new franchise with this entry. No, not just a trilogy but going for multiple films even after the disappointment that was the 2019 reboot; something David Harbour jokes about as something that still haunts him to this day.

Source: Deadline

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