First Set Video of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special’ Offers First Look at ‘Eternals’ Easter Egg

guardians of the galaxy eternals

We’ve gotten a surprising amount of teases from behind the scenes of The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special. Just recently, we got our first good close-up of Drax and Mantis wandering the streets of Hollywood during Christmas. It was the only real confirmation that what they were filming wasn’t for Vol. 3, which James Gunn is working on simultaneously. Now, it seems that the same scene has found its way online as a video, which reveals what exactly Drax and Mantis are up to.

As shared by u/iggyfenton on Reddit, we can clearly see the two just strolling down the street. In the end, they seemingly stumble upon a group of people in Avengers costumes. As they’ve met them in the last two Avengers films, it would be fun to see the two think these are the real deal while mocking their new costumes. Drax might even like them more, as they are a bit flashier. There’s not too much new in this scene, but it does confirm the recent rumor of a sighting that the Chinese Theater includes a poster of one of Kingo’s Bollywood movies. Luckily, the video gives us our first good look at it.

What does stand out is that Drax can be seen pointing at Kingo for a second. As there might be other versions of the character out there, it wouldn’t be too out-there to guess that Drax and the Guardians may have met a version of the character that lived on a different planet. There’s a lot of potentials to see these worlds collide, especially as we have no idea what the future has in store for the Eternals, in-universe and outside of it. It’s surprising they managed to film them for as long as they did. Security was trailing them but not reacting, but it’s great to get a little glimpse from a different angle than what we’ll get when the Holiday Special releases later this year.

Source: Reddit

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