Fox Reviving Berkeley Breathed’s ‘Bloom County’ as an Animated Series

bloom county series

It looks like the classic comic strip Bloom County by Berkeley Breathed is making a return, but this time as an animated TV series. The Hollywood Reporter has announced that Fox is currently working on the project to revive the 1980s classic. It’ll see the return of Steve Dallas, Bill the Cat, Opus the Penguin, and many more characters from the iconic comic strip with the reclusive creator co-writing and executive producing the project alongside Fox Entertainment, Bento Box Entertainment, Miramax, Spyglass MediaGroup, and Project X Entertainment. The announcement also includes the following description for the series:

Bloom County centers on a collapsed lawyer, a lobotomized cat and a penguin in briefs and fruit headwear living in the world’s last boarding house in the world’s most forgotten place deep in the dandelion wilds of FlyWayWayOver country. To wit, today’s America at a glance

Keep in mind, this project has not been renewed yet but would end up joining Family Guy and The Simpsons on Fox’s Sunday animated line-up. It seems like a fitting addition that might also mix things up on what they have to offer given its take on satire. It’s great to see them give the classic franchise a revival in this form and it’ll be interesting to see how they tackle his iconic art style in this new adaptation.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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