‘Friday the 13th’ Producer to Reboot the Franchise

friday the 13th reboot

Horror has proven it’s one of the franchises that’ll pull in an audience. Even during the pandemic, the genre has remained a power player and we’re seeing an increase in more projects finding their way into theaters. Warner Bros. has even decided to push Evil Dead Rise into a theatrically exclusive release instead of streaming, and Scream is also about to release its next entry after the franchise’s successful revival last year.

It seems that it was just the beginning, as Bloody Disgusting has shared that Friday the 13th producer and director Sean S. Cunningham is helping revive the franchise once again. He’s set to bring a reboot off the ground but that isn’t all. He’s also working on a reboot of 1985’s House and an original film titled The Night Driver.

There are other classic franchises that might see a return, especially if this new reboot might turn out quite popular. Who knows if perhaps we’ll get a new entry into A Nightmare on Elm Street that could potentially build towards another reunion between Freddy Krueger and Jason Vorhees. With cinematic universes still a big trend, there would be some fun to see some slasher films give it a simple attempt by just offering some classic confrontations between horror icons.

Source: Bloody Disgusting

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