OFFICIAL: ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ to Cease Support in September

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Not too long ago, a rumor hit the internet that Marvel’s Avengers may be ending sooner than expected, there were hints that we’ll get an official statement next week. Surprisingly, the news came even faster as the official blog from Crystal Dynamics announced that the game will get one final update on March 31s. Overall support for the game will wrap on September 30th, 2023 marking its third year since release.

The recent update of 2.7 with Winter Soldier and Cloning Labs will be the last new content update and there won’t be any more cosmetics being added to the game. 2.8 in March will mainly only act as a balance update for those still actively playing the game. They do highlight that even after September, the single- and multiplayer functionality will still be available.

For those that still have credits invested in the game, the marketplace will no longer be available as of March with leftover credits being balanced through in-game currencies to develop your characters. They also will make all challenge cards and shipment cosmetics available for players for free. They are also set to gift all the marketplace cosmetics as a way to show their gratefulness to those that stuck around.

The game wrapping up with its third year seems quite fitting even if it’s a shame we couldn’t at least finish the storyline that was set out with the Kree invasion hinted at ever since the events of A-Day. Captain Marvel has been hinted at as a character ever since Ms. Marvel was first released yet we’ll never know what their original plans were. She was just one of many more that were rumored to release long before the game launched. Guess we’ll never know.

Source: Crystal Dynamics

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