Gamescom: ‘Twelve Minute’ to Star Willem Dafoe, James McAvoy & Daisy Ridley

It’s always the small surprises that really grab your attention. Last year’s E3, we got a look at a game that will feature a man trapped in a time loop. It was a small indie game that looked quite intriguing as you have to find a way to break the loop. We get teases of a couple, as their life gets more and more twisted with each repeat. This year’s Gamescom gave us a major reveal for what seemed like just a small indie title. Daisy Ridley and James McAvoy will voice the titular characters. Not only that but none other than Willem Dafoe is the narrator of the story. It is uncertain if he will also constantly narrate each loop but it is an exciting prospect. This casting might have put this once small game on everyone’s radar. Check it out right here:

Source: YouTube

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