GEEKED WEEK: New Anime Series Based on Junji Ito’s Horror Stories in Development

junji ito anime

It looks like after the bad reception of the Junji Ito Collection, Netflix is trying its hand at bringing the famed horror mangaka’s visions to life in a new anime series. While the preview only gives us a slight look at some concept art drawn by Ito himself, they haven’t offered much on how they’ll bring the series to life outside of multiple series planned to get added over time which are eyeing a 2023 release.

So far, they have confirmed that the three parts will be released: Tomie, Soichi, and the Hanging Blimp shorts. The series will be titled Junji Ito MANIAC and it’s kind of great to have an additional statement made by the creator himself. It should be noted that Cartoon Network is also actively developing an adaptation of his iconic horror manga, Uzumaki.

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