George Miller Shares His Thoughts on Superhero Cinema and its Cinematic Future

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It’s become a curious trend for journalists to ask veteran filmmakers about their opinions on superhero films. While some, most famously Martin Scorsese, downplayed their value to cinema and equated them to “theme park” rides, there have been others that also had some positive thoughts on the currently dominating genre.

The trend continues as George Miller was asked the classic question while promoting 3000 Years of Longing during the press conference at Cannes. The question was in reference to a DC Comics inclusion that sparked the question on what he thought about the superhero films and their future.

They endure and have endured anyway. The one thing you will be certain of is that they will change, they will morph into something else. Marvel and the DC Universe are basically the vestiges of the Greek and Norse and Roman mythologies. There’s a direct equivalence between each of those characters. We’re going through an era in which I think we’re expressing through moving image narrative these stories. They’re echoes of the past, but they’re adjusted to have meaning to us.

George Miller

There have been some that viewed comic book characters as the modern take on mythology with these larger-than-life characters. So, the comparison makes a lot of sense and we’re seeing an age where their focus moved from comics to moving pictures, and who knows what the future has in store for them.

Tilda Swinton, who has appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the past, has also added to the discussion by highlighting that there needs to be a diversity of stories being told, which is something we’re finally seeing become more relevant with COVID slowing down.

The thing that is dangerous about story is when you have only one story. It is possible when people cant hear any other stories that things really go down the tubes very, very fast and may close everything down. It’s keeping people’s ears open, keeping their ears curious to hear a new perspective, a new truth even,” she continued.

Tilda Swinton

Diversity in any medium is what makes it grow, something even Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has openly discussed in the past by highlighting his excitement for competition in the market. We’re seeing a new influx of smaller productions once again taking their stand in cinemas, especially with how well A24’s Everything Everywhere All At Once, The Northman, The Massive Weight of Unbearable Talent, and more.

Other blockbuster franchises are also once again making a stand in the industry, such as Top Gun: Maverick and Jurassic World Dominion. One thing that is clear is that the growing number of films finding their way back is a healthy showcase for any franchise currently out there. COVID is still showing its fans, but there’s a positivity to be found in how

Source: Variety

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