‘Glass Onion’ Already Among Netflix’s Most-Watched Films

glass onion record

Perhaps the $450M investment was worth every penny after all, as Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery has already broken some records over on Netflix. As of now, the film has already entered the top 10 most popular films of all time for the streamer, as it has pulled in 209.4M hours watched since its release on December 23rd. It has edged out The Kissing Booth from its position to become the 10th most-viewed film of all time for the service, and that within such a short amount of time.

2021’s Red Notice still remains the number one most-watched film at 364M, but there’s a chance that if Glass Onion keeps up its current pace, it could become the first competition for the throne. It should also be noted that Knives Out also entered the Top 10 with around 17 million hours watched; showcasing the draw this film has for many to revisit the previous entry and a smart way to keep people rewatching what came before by making them Netflix exclusives.

At this rate, Glass Onion has confirmed Netflix’s suspicion that there’s a lot of interest in the whodunnit franchise. Hopefully, a third entry could keep up this momentum and also inspire director Rian Johnson to continue beyond just a simple trilogy. He has hinted that this franchise was meant more like a unique story with only Benoit Blanc truly connecting them which gives him many chances to establish an ever-growing franchise that doesn’t abide by any specific rules.

Source: DigitalSpy

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