‘Glass Onion’ Pulls in Strong 82.1M Hours Viewed over Christmas

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It might not be too surprising, but it looks like Glass Onion‘s opening weekend was already quite the success for Netflix, as the film managed to pull in 82.1M hours viewed over the weekend from December 19th until 25th. Going by its total runtime of over two hours, the film was watched by around 35M households during its opening weekend.

The Knives Out sequel received a limited theatrical run, which had many scratching their heads on why they didn’t let it run for longer given it managed to pull in quite a bit of money and had a good chance of winning the weekend’s box office. Given the lack of mid-budget films in theaters, it could’ve been the one project to potentially push Netflix’s gross from its initial $450M investment for the exclusive rights to Glass Onion and its yet-to-be-filmed sequel.

Netflix also invested another $40M to get the film produced (yes, that investment did not include the actual production cost) but the film currently is slightly behind 2021’s The Unforgivable‘s opening of 85.9M. It’s on the lower end of the most popular films on the streaming service. Still, it’s a Christmas opening when most people are spending time with family and it has quite a long runtime.

One thing is clear, we’d definitely get a third Benoit Blanc sequel but the viewership numbers could be the selling point for a slew of sequels beyond just the two. While it seems unlikely that director Johnson will get his chance to get the “Knives Out Mystery” title changed, the viewership seems like a great sign for many more entries in the future.

Source: Variety

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