Gugu Mbatha-Raw Says Ravonna is a “Powerful Presence” in Season 2 of ‘Loki’

In the Season 1 finale of Loki, Gugu Mbatha-Raw‘s Ravonna Renslayer made the decision to leave the TVA after learning of her nature as a Variant who had been taken from her timeline by He Who Remains. When Season 2 of the streaming series hits Disney Plus next Summer, that thread won’t be left hanging loose, according to Mbatha-Raw.

While talking with Entertainment Tonight, Mbatha-Raw said that her character, who left in search of free will and the power to truly “be in charge” of the Time Variance Authority, teased the return of her character in Season 2. “In Loki, Ravonna is a powerful presence,” hinted the actress, saying “selfishly, Renslayer makes it out of the TVA, which I’m really excited about.

In the comics, Ravonna has deep ties to Jonathan Majors‘ Kang, for whom the stage has been set to become the overarching villain of Marvel Studios’ ongoing Multiverse Saga. While it’s unclear if Mbatha-Raw’s character will play a role outside of Loki, it’s very likely she’ll come across one Variant or another of Kang at some point. Perhaps that’ll happen in Season 2 which, according to Mbatha-Raw, is shaping up to be another wild ride.

It’s been amazing to shoot the second season of Loki. [Fans] are gonna be in for a real treat because the show is bolder and more surreal. And in many ways, goes to some bigger, bolder places than season 1, which is really exciting.

Gugu Mbatha-Raw

Unfortunately, fans are still in for a bit of wait to get that treat as Season 2 of Loki isn’t set to hit Disney Plus until next Summer.

Source: ET

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