‘WANDAVISION’ Production News and The Czech Republic Reopens for Filming

I’m delighted to bring some positive Disney Plus/Marvel news to you all today, I’ve heard through a trusted source that WandaVision has finished filming after all and possibly VFX on the series is done as well. All that’s left is the editing (barring any reshoots, of course). Previous information was that there was still a bit of filming left, signs indicating that it had to do with references and changes to The Falcon and the Winter Soldier pandemic storyline. But it sounds like it will be straightened out in editing, at least in WandaVision’s case.

What does this mean for when we might see the Scarlet Witch and her beloved Vision on our TV screen? Well, we may need to keep our feet on the ground a bit here, as it seems unlikely they’d air the show very far ahead of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness which is currently scheduled for release on March 25, 2022. There is also the matter of finishing up The Falcon and The Winter Soldier’s filming, 3 weeks at least, before WandaVision airs. The shows were originally scheduled in a certain order for a reason, and if WandaVision has things that spoil The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, even without the reference to the pandemic story line in it anymore, it is unlikely that WandaVision would be moved ahead of it unless there are major changes and reshoots to that show.

In other tentatively positive news, it was reported today via The Hollywood Reporter that the Czech Republic will now allow productions to resume filming there. The testing, guidelines and sanitation standards that need to be followed in order for everyone to be safe, however, would certainly complicate The Falcon and The Winter Soldier returning to finish up. No word yet on when they may.

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