‘HAWKEYE’ Production Headed to the Big Apple

We’ve seen plenty of bread crumbs but now we have our first outright evidence that principal photography on the Marvel Studios Disney Plus streaming series, Hawkeye, is FINALLY about to get underway. While the production will be using Tyler Perry Studios in Georgia for most of its work, cast and crew will be headed to New York City next week to film on location!

According to the public notice in the Tweet above, the series under the working title Anchor Point, will be filming in Brooklyn beginning next week. Fans of the Matt Fraction Hawkeye run on which the Disney Plus series will largely be based will remember that the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn was home to the small apartment building that served as the setting for much of the series.

A quick check of the area shows any number of buildings that could easily stand in as Clint’s apartment in the series, including one that’s been undergoing some recent renovations (not that construction work in NYC is uncommon, it’s just curious that it happens to be taking place on the same block where Hawkeye will be filming).

Filming in New York City is guaranteed to attract a crowd, so we could expect to see some set photos make their way online next week, giving us our first look at the much anticipated Marvel Studios project. Could we finally get confirmation of Hailee Steinfeld joining the MCU as Kate Bishop? We’ll keep an eye on things for you as the develop!

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