HBO Max Renews ‘Harley Quinn’ for a Fourth Season, But With a New Showrunner

harley quinn season 4

It’s been a bit doom and gloom over at HBO Max as one series after another has seemingly been taken down or axed wherever the streaming service could. The direction by Warner Bros. Discovery made many wonders what exactly they are hoping to do with the service, especially with a fusion planned with Discovery+. In a way, it hinted at the future of Warner Bros. streaming venture to be less serialized dramas and comedy but more reality TV. Luckily, it seems not everything is lost along the way.

The popular and creative R-rated comedy series Harley Quinn has officially been renewed for a fourth season. While many feared it could be facing a similar fate as other DC projects have as of late, it seems that David Zaslav and his team are quite happy with the viewership the show pulls in. This is quite exciting news, especially with the uncertainty for DC’s future with HBO and HBO Max, as it seems not every show will be lost in the process.

Though not everything remains the same, it looks like the series will have a new showrunner. Writer Sarah Peters will take over and continue the series after writing a few episodes throughout its first seasons and also acting as a consulting producer. Patrick Schumacker and Justin Halpern are stepping down from the role. It’s unclear if they are potentially moving on to a different project in this universe like the confirmed Kite-Man project which is unclear if they are moving forward with it.

Source: Twitter, THR

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