HBO Max Seemingly Removed 200+ ‘Sesame Street’ Episodes

sesame street hbo max

At this point, it feels like any news or discovery surrounding HBO Max leads to some rather dark realization about what exactly is happening with Warner Bros. Discovery. There was a laundry list of shows that were pulled from the service, such as Aquaman: King of Atlantis, Infinity Train, and even Elmo’s Not-Too-Late Show. As it turns out, that wasn’t all that was removed.

As uncovered by Tough Pigs, it seems that around 200 Sesame Street episodes were quietly removed from the service. According to their research, it seems that 250 legacy episodes were removed from the streaming service. They share that 29 episodes from the first 38 seasons still remain on the service.

The service was the home of the largest amount of Sesame Street episodes. The whole point of streaming services was to offer an archived home for iconic franchises, TV Shows, and movies that people want to revisit. Sesame Street has quite the legacy and having access to the series is perfect for those seeking the nostalgia to share with their kids.

Warner Bros. Discovery is pulling a lot from HBO Max, which was revealed to save money on tax and residuals. They’ve outright taken shows down but removing the episode opens up even more questions on what exactly the point is. If they aren’t trying to keep these shows for a later release on the new combined streaming service. At this point, there’s a discussion

Source: Tough Pig

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