HBO Max Working on ‘Looney Tunes’ Musical

looney tunes musical

The whole gang is about to put the tune back in Tunes, as HBO Max and Cartoon Network are actively developing a musical titled Bye Bye Bunny: A Looney Tunes Musical. Its the second musical reveal from Warner Bros. Discovery after the Joker sequel was teased to take that direction with Lady Gaga in talks to join as Harley Quinn. According to Deadline, the film will feature an original song and dance numbers, as well as orchestrations of some classic WB musicals. The story is as follows:

After starring in a long-running Looney Tunes Broadway smash production, an exhausted Bugs Bunny decides it’s time to trade in sold-out shows for life as a regular rabbit. Ever the spotlight opportunist, Daffy Duck attempts to step into the lead role, but his star ambitions are quickly sidetracked when he is kidnapped by an obsessive fan who has more sinister plans for her favorite stage duck. With his ticket to Broadway retirement in danger, Bugs sets off on a rescue mission to find Daffy and, with the help of his Looney Tunes co-stars, hopefully, his joy of performing again.

Amy Friedman, Warner Bros. Head of Kids & Family Programming, has pointed out that it’ll offer “old Hollywood and Broadway vibes” as it offers the usual mayhem we’re used to from the Looney Tunes. The announcement follows shortly after a preschool series was also announced titled Bugs Bunny Builders. The Late Show with Stephen Colbert‘s Ariel Dumas and Next to Normal‘s Tom Kitt is set to write the screenplay and lyrics. It’ll be interesting to see what this take on the iconic cartoon characters might have to offer for young and old. Here’s hoping Elmer Fudd gets to scream “Kill the wabbit” at least once.

Source: Deadline

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