HBO Max’s ‘Pennyworth’ Season 3 Gets a Curious New Subtitle

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It’s still crazy to think that not only do we have a Pennyworth series focused on the famous butler that would go on to take care of the Wayne family, but it’s also lasted for around three full seasons. While it’s moving to a new home, Pennyworth is also getting a new title. HBO Max has decided that they can’t entirely sell a Batman prequel series without the name in the title, which is now titled Pennyworth: The Origin of Batman’s Butler.

It’s kind of a bizarre title choice, which seems like it was made to give that series an additional level of promotion. Plus, it might be their way of trying to make the third season stand out for those that haven’t seen the original when it premiered on Starz. It does seem like the series isn’t going through any major changes and sticking t its guns from previous entries, but the fact they had to find a way to shove Batman into that title is definitely more a marketing ploy than something creatively.

There’s no word if they might end up finishing the series with the birth of Bruce Wayne, which may be the inspiration for that title. We’ll see if the series might end up finding a strong audience on the new streaming home and could potentially go on for another season or two. So, perhaps the origin of Batman’s butler will remain a staple as Warner Bros. Discovery continues to figure out their franchise.e

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