How Kate Bishop Sets Up ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ True Villains

After a long wait, we finally got our first look at the future content of Marvel’s Avengers. Kate Bishop took center stage to showcase her abilities and tease the story she is going to set-up for the first season of DLC. The event ends with the reveal that Clint will face a future version of the Hulk known to many fans as Maestro. Here, we see the world is just an empty desert, and all the Avengers we love are long gone. Maestro sits upon a throne with spoils of wars at his feet, and it seems an elderly Clint is the only one left. I was sad we didn’t get any references to the Old Man Logan run. It even made me hope we could get a Symbiote Tyrannosaurus Rex at some point in the DLC. Still, I believe this trailer alone showcases the importance of Bishop’s story and what it may mean for the game’s first season. So, without further ado, let’s jump into the hints that it provides.

Let’s start with the biggest hint of the overarching storyline from the game’s campaign, Reassemble. In the final confrontation with M.O.D.O.K., he throws a Kree Sentry after them. Kamala finally masters her abilities and can take down the giant mech. They were able to finish the fight and move on with their lives. Little did they know, the sentry used the last of its energy to shoot out a beacon into space. Anyone who knows the comics will realize that this means we can expect a Kree Invasion soon.



Most of us assumed this would take some time, as they also showcased Monica Rappuccini taking over. Well, she plays an integral part in a sequence that may confirm how to Reassemble, Kate’s Taking AIM, and Clint’s Future Imperfect all fit together. We briefly get the return of the Kree Sentinel, where it seems to confront Monica and her robots. She is standing on a platform that is very similar to Maestro’s throne room. If you look closely, you can recognize the second sentry in the background devastating a building. This moment right here, which may be a vision from Kate’s short stint with the Tachyon Rifts, maybe the moment the Kree invasion and would turn the entire world into a desert.



Kate and Clint’s missions are confirmed to build on each other. We know that Clint will end up facing Maestro in the future, which he calls the end of the world. Their story sets up what will happen if the Avengers fail. Clint may be trying to uncover how the Avengers weren’t able to protect the earth. Once back in the original timeline, they realize what may lead to their defeat and what they have to do to avoid it. We always believed their war against AIM would be the focus of the Avengers Initiative, but in reality, it is their actions that create the actual evil the Avengers must face, the Kree Empire. They recruit the people that are necessary to avoid the future that was witnessed by Clint. I believe that the first season’s arc will end with the addition of Captain Marvel, who will help them push the invading force back. Their victory may be short-lived, as a new evil may be lurking in the shadows just waiting for their chance to take down Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

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