How ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Spider-Man DLC Differs From Previous Heroes

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Spider-Man is finally coming to Marvel’s Avengers after being announced sometime before it was released. Not only did we get a good look at his in-game costume, but even a glimpse of his upcoming story titled “With Great Power.” Now, the interesting thing is that the character was advertised as a “hero event” rather than as a full-on operation like previous entries, Kate Bishop, Clint Barton, and Black Panther. It opened some questions and luckily, their latest War Table blog entry offered some insight into what exactly the wording means for when the character drops November 30th alongside its first Raid.

The overarching difference is scale, which impacts the way the story is told. The Hero-Event doesn’t come with a story campaign in the way an Operation does. The Spider-Man Hero Event narrative is told through a combination of cutscenes, dialogue, and a chain of documents. There are objectives for his story that unlock these documents as they are completed, which unfolds his narrative arc and gradually reveals his journey in our original Avengers world. As a result, Spider-Man will already be unlocked for existing Missions, rather than having to recruit him as a playable Hero during his story via story missions.

It’s an interesting distinction and wouldn’t be too surprising if some future hero releases follow a similar structure. Operations are lengthy story missions that build-up towards the Kree invasion. So, if they want to add minor characters that don’t tie into the main plot, it’s the best approach. Plus, they can spread out the operations more and better allocate their resources to keep a flow of content at a stable rate. Here’s hoping we find out if this becomes a regularity once the next heroes are teased for 2022.

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