‘How to Train Your Dragon’ Live-Action Film in Development

how to train your dragon

No, you read that right. Dean DeBlois is seemingly set on adapting How to Train Your Dragon into live-action for Universal. It seems they are dead-set on repeating the same mistakes as Disney that somehow still end up pulling billions at the box office, such as the “live-action” adaptation of The Lion King and Aladdin. It seems Universal Pictures is dead set on this franchise revival in a new format and already dated the film for a March 14th, 2025 release.

The surprising thing is that this franchise does have the potential to adapt its own take on the franchise without just recreating the story of Hiccup and Toothless, but it seems they are deadset on remaking the trilogy that was released throughout the 2010s. It’s a shame given that live-action adaptations can be more than just straight adaptations of existing stories, especially in more expansive worlds like these.

As the franchise mostly focuses on the relationship between Vikings and dragons, it does lend itself to live-action. It should also be noted that DeBlois directed the animated films and has an extensive history with the project. It’s also already in the middle of its casting process. So, they’ve been working on this for some time and it isn’t just a quick announcement. We’ll have to see how this attempt at a live-action adaptation of an animated classic works out.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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