Insomniac’s ‘WOLVERINE’ Adds ‘MARVEL’S AVENGERS’ Story Consultant Evan Narcisse

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It was quite a surprise when we got the reveal of Insomniac’s Wolverine game. The PlayStation 5 exclusive game is still quite a mystery, but it looks like a familiar face is joining the project as a story consultant. Evan Narcisse, who is famous for his work on the Rise of the Black Panther comic series, took to Twitter to announce that he’s working on the new Marvel game as a story consultant alongside Kim Belair. He also recently worked on developing the Black Panther DLC titled War for Wakanda, which added the iconic hero to the ever-expanding Marvel’s Avengers.

He helped developers Crystal Dynamics bring the world of Wakanda to life and has quite a bit of experience in the world of gaming and with Marvel. It’ll be interesting to see what he might bring to adapt to the popular X-Men family member. While the trailer includes various references, it’s uncertain which direction they might be taking with his character. We may explore the vast history he shares as far back as World War 2. It’s uncertain if this entry is also in the same universe as Spider-Man, which seems like a perfect opportunity to build up a connected universe.

Narcisse addition is a great sign and hopefully, we might see other comic writers join these projects as consultants. Paul Dini famously joined the first Batman: Arkham Asylum game to help solidify the characters and its story. So, it’s great seeing the writers from these many iconic characters add some much-needed life to these projects. It’ll be interesting to see if Spider-Man 2 may also have some story consultants help bring the infamous Venom storyline to life.

Source: Twitter

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