‘Ironheart’ Star Teases Riri Williams Post-‘Wakanda Forever’ Journey

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Black Panther: Wakanda Forever has introduced the world to Dominique Thorne‘s Riri Williams. A young, talented engineer that develops her own version of the iconic Iron Man armor and becomes the hero known as Ironheart. Not only did she have a major part in the latest Black Panther movie, but she’ll also get her own Disney+ series.

In a new interview with Collider, Thorne shares what will make the character stand out from her introduction, we’ll actually get to meet her in her own element. It’s a great sentiment as we meet her while being threatened by Talocan’s god-like leader and dragged along by Wakandans, or as she points it out as “when life is leading her.”

And also we’re getting to see her in her element, which is quite literally the opposite of what we saw of her in Wakanda Forever. We’ll get more time to see what the other colors are and to see how she leads her life, rather than how she is when life is leading her.

Dominique Thorne

The series will also see her continue her work on her new armor. Even while she built a comic-accureate design in Wakanda Forever, she couldn’t just run around with a Vibranium-infused suit of armor. So, she’ll be back to where she started and forced to build upon to create her dream project. Now, she just has more experience and with an unlikely threat on the horizon, she’ll have to figure out something fast.

Soruce: Collider

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