J. J. Abram’s ‘Demimonde’ on the Bubble Due to Budget Concerns

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Not everything is going smoothly for J.J. Abrams with his new HBO deal, as it seems at the series Demimonde is facing some trouble. The series has been in production since 2018 and was part of Bad Robot’s deal with HBO. Yet, the issue seems to be that the project is looking at a budget beyond $200M, which is less than the upcoming Game of Thrones‘ spinoff, House of the Dragon. Naturally, as nothing of the $250M deal has come to fruition just yet over the years, it’s been becoming antsy over at HBO.

The future of Demimonde is seemingly dependent on a decision by the end of this week. It recently cast Watchmen’s Danielle Deadwyler and eight of the ten episodes’ scripts are currently being supervised by Warner Bros. TV. It should be pointed out that the overall deal isn’t in jeopardy, but it could have a lasting effect on other projects, especially as HBO Max is getting impatient with the lack of output while Abrams seemingly makes external deals.

Earlier, news hit that he was executive producing a series for Apple that would bring the classic anime Speed Racer to live-action once again. So, it’s not hard to see that HBO is starting to question how they truly benefit from the deal that was made in 2019 if they still haven’t seen anything produced since. So, there’s a lot riding on Demimonde and if they continue the production as planned, or decide to move away from it to lower risks.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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