James Gunn Teases “Absolutely Ridiculous”Guardians of the Galaxy’ Holiday Special

guardians holiday special

We’ve all wondered how the upcoming The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special might turn out. It’s very different from what Marvel has done before and we’ve already gotten a tease of a more lighthearted storyline with projects like Hawkeye. Its Christmas setting did offer something fun and if James Gunn is anything to go by, it seems that the next Guardians of the Galaxy special will be much of the same.

He talks about the upcoming series in an interview with Deadline, where he reveals that we can expect a “very light and bubbly and fun” Disney+ special. Yet, what truly stands out is that he even describes it as “ridiculous.” So, it looks like he had a blast making it and we might get something very special that makes even the Guardians franchise stand out once again as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Yes, the Holiday Special is very light and bubbly and fun and just absolutely ridiculous, so I think that’s great.

James Gunn

It’s definitely going to be interesting just how James Gunn interprets a Holiday Special and just how insane it might get with a cast as the Guardians films have. He’s teased some new faces will also appear, and it’s unclear how it might lead into the third part, but it definitely feels like we’ll have a blast watching whatever he and his crew have put together. Who knows if he may accidentally redefine what makes a Holiday Special the way it is.

Source: Deadline

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