Jason Blum and James Wan in Talks to Merge Production Studios

If there are any names that come to mind in the horror genre business, it’s Jason Blum‘s Blumhouse Studios and James Wan‘s Atomic Monster. Wan has been more on the creative side of the business and made his splash with The Conjuring and Saw franchise. Blumhouse however established itself as a big contender in the small to the medium-sized budget horror scene. With a variety of projects ranging from Halloween Ends, The Black Phone to the first Five Nights at Freddy‘s Adaptation, and even out-there projects like M3GAN. Now, it seems these two powerhouses are set to unite.

Speaking of the horror film about a strange robot doll, the project seems to be the catalyst as it saw the two producers unite. It does seem like we aren’t merging both projects into one but rather they will act as separate labels that keep their brand identity. They will likely only unite to further push their productions forward and will set Atomic Monster to have a first-look deal with Universal Pictures. It originally had one with Warner Bros. but that expires with Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, very likely a sign of what’s to come for the studio given recent developments.

It’ll certainly be an interesting deal in the film market and could push new projects forward in interesting ways. If they are indeed acting as separate entities, it might mean we’ll see more co-productions moving forward while they still keep a focus on some of their own projects and franchises. In a market filled with major studios, it’s a smart move to keep that independence while also bolstering their standing. So, it seems horror films are definitely not going out of style anytime soon.

Source: NY Times, THR

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