Jason Momoa Reveals New Stealth Suit for ‘AQUAMAN’ Sequel

The first Aquaman film was quite the hit, bringing in over a billion dollars at the box offices with praise from critics and fans alike. It wasn’t long before a sequel was announced and that Jason Momoa and James Wan would be back. Now, with filming underway on Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, Momoa and Wan took to Instagram to reveal Arthur Curry’s brand new suit for the upcoming sequel.

In a new post on Instagram, Momoa showcases the armor of Atlan that appeared in the first film, but alongside that was a new look at the stealth suit. The new suit is quite the vast departure from the other with a dark blue look with silver armor plating.


In Wan’s post to Instagram revealing the stealth suit, he went into further details explaining how the suit works and what inspired them to make the suit. The suit is Atlantean tech is based on a Cephalopod’s ability to camouflage with its surrounding area. Wan stated that he and writer David Leslie Johnson were inspired by the Aquaman mini-series from the 80’s, written by Neal Pozner and Craig Hamilton.

Plot details for the Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom remain under wraps but it seems likely that Arthur would be using a suit such as this to sneak around in said kingdom, without the bright orange and green giving him away like a construction worker on a busy road. The reveal of this suit may also mean we may see some filming take place outside and get us a better look at what’s going on in the film.

SOURCE: Instagram

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