‘Jurassic World: Dominion’s First Poster Reveals New 2022 Release Date

The pandemic really has not been kind. Every major film for 2020 has now been postponed into 2021. Of course, that year is crowding up with many tentpole releases. As such, many wondered if any films would be postponed into 2022 as a result. Well, looks like we have the first major franchise to postpone its release, as Jurassic World: Dominion officially postponed to June 10th, 2022. So far, it’s the only competition in that month will be an unannounced Pixar film. The Flash was originally going to release that year but was postponed until November. This announcement isn’t all that bad, as it did come with a brand new poster featuring the iconic image in amber.

The poster looks great. It reminds me of the time when 1989’s Batman just released the symbol. We all recognize this visual so it is a great simple way to give people something while the film is still in production. The delay sadly makes sense as it is uncertain if any of the current productions will be able to stick to their schedule. At any time a COVID case could disrupt production for weeks. It gives them time to focus on getting productions ready, focus on the health of their teams, and not rush anything.

As difficult as it has been, it is important that we keep the hardworking team behind the scenes in mind. Also, this just means they’ll have even more time to work out the details and polish up the effects. Jurassic World: Dominion will see the return of Jurassic Park‘s original trio, which is already a promising addition. It will be interesting to see the dinosaurs roam the United States, and how they save them from being hunted back into extinction. It makes you wonder if this also means they will have to rebuild a park, or if they will find a natural habitat for the dinosaurs. Whatever it may be, we will be there once it opens in theatres in 2022.

Source: The Wrap, Twitter

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