Kat Dennings Teases Future Marvel Projects

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Here’s a nice little weekend surprise. It seems that Kat Dennings will have a larger role with Marvel moving forward. In an interview with ExtraTV, she let slip that she has already been involved with some things that aren’t WandaVision related. The actress returned for the first time to the franchise in Marvel Studios’ first Disney+ show since her appearance in Thor: The Dark World. Her character Darcy Lewis and Randall Park‘s Jimmy Woo have become some fan-favorites, so there is a lot of hope for her to make a return in some form or another. There is the fact that she doesn’t really especially say that she is involved with Marvel Studios, so there is a chance these are involved with their other ventures.

Marvel has been pushing out various small documentaries on Disney+, such as their 616 series. She also pulled back from saying anything else before getting into any trouble with the infamous Marvel snipers. It would make sense for her to appear in more future Marvel Studios’ projects, as Darcy might become the leading researcher for multiversal effects. She does confirm that she most likely won’t appear in Thor: Love and Thunder, as she has no information on the project and it already has started filming. Teen Wolf‘s Stephen Ford has also shared his interest in pitching an X-Files show that features Jimmy Woo. Dennings would be a perfect addition to the show and here’s hoping that her return signals many more projects in the near future.

If you are interested, you can check out her interview with ExtraTV here:

Source: ExtraTV via The Direct, Twitter

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