Kathryn Hahn Hoping To Resume Work on ‘WANDAVISION’ Soon

Kathryn Hahn, who is cast as a key but mysterious character in WandaVision, (more than likely the witch Agatha Harkness), was interviewed on The Playlist podcast today and dropped a few tidbits about the series.

For starters, she has confirmed that she has a bit more to film, and The Playlist reports that she’s hoping to resume filming this summer.

“I’ve got a little bit left on WandaVision.”

When asked what it’s like joining the “Marvel machine” she said:

“It is another like surreal awesome swing into another genre… but so fun…so fun…”

“I wish I could tell you a thing about it, but I can’t, or I would just disappear from this Zoombox.”

She was also asked about how crazy WandaVision looks, she replied:

“It’s gonna be fabulous, yeah. I can’t say anything else!!”

You can listen the full interview on The Playlist podcast here.

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