Kentarou Miura’s Assistants and Close Friend Will Continue ‘Berserk’

berserks continue

It was a shock for many when Berserk creator Kentarou Miura passed away. His series Berserk has been a mainstay since 1989 and Guts’ travel has touched the hearts of many. The modern Dark Souls games, which include the recent release of Elden Ring, take many cues in their imagery from the manga series. Yet, many mourned the death of its creator and worried that it may never be finished. Yet, it was revealed on Berserk‘s official Twitter page by publisher Hakusensha that the series will not conclude.

Miura‘s long-time Studio Gaga assistants will continue drawing the series with one of his close friends, a fellow manga artist, Kouji Mori supervising the continuation of the iconic series. It seems that Miura has actively consulted and shared his plans for the series with Mori alongside his staff and editors. There are also memos and designs that were uncovered to help shape where the story initially was heading. The production team would follow the policy of “Mr. Miura said so” as they continue his legacy.

They currently plan to end the current Fantasia Arc and Elf Island Chapters in the next six chapters before starting a new one. They confirmed that the numbering of the manga books will continue in order as well. Mori also talked about how his long-time friend passed on the story in its entirety to him and how he wants to keep up the iconic storyline of Guts and Griffith’s story. It’s not going to be an easy undertaking but it looks like Berserks isn’t going to end anytime soon and Miura‘s legacy will live on.

Source: Twitter

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