Kevin Feige Debunks Rumors on Why Scott Derrickson Exited the ‘Doctor Strange’ Sequel

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We’re all excited to see what the future has in store for the ever-expanding Marvel multiverse with Sam Raimi‘s premiere MCU film, Doctor Strange in the Multiverseof Madness. Yet, at one point this project was going to be in the hands of director Scott Derrickson, who introduced the character with the first solo title. Sadly, it seemed that creative differences led to him exiting the project. Naturally, that got the rumor mill going on his take being “too scary” as he wanted to dive into a more horror-themed entry.

Luckily, in the latest Empire magazine, while promoting the film Marvel Studios CEO Kevin Feige also takes a look back at what could’ve been. He doesn’t give away any details, but once again highlights that the reason Derrickson left was due to creative differences, but they were all-in for the “creepier side” of the MCU. So, he is debunking any rumors on the horror aspect being the reason they went their separate ways. His full quote is as follows:

We love Scott and I think Scott feels the same. Nobody believes it, but it was just creative differences. There’s been some thought that that was the creative difference with Scott and Marvel, and it was not. Because we love that idea. The intention was that Strange would guide us into a much creepier side of the world

Kevin Feige

The director has opened up on the matter some time ago, where he highlighted that he’d be open to returning to the franchise to direct another entry. He’s also still in a producing role on the project, so he didn’t leave it with ill intent and also shared his love for the horror veteran Raimi taking over the project. Disney+ is adding Halloween specials with the first potentially focusing on Werewolf by Night. So, maybe it’s his gateway to explore more horror-themed projects in the MCU if he ever desired to return.

Source: Empire via The Direct

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