Kevin Feige Teases Multiple Seasons For Upcoming Disney+ Shows

We are only a few days away from WandaVision finally airing. It’ll be the first in a wide variety of new shows that will kick-off Marvel Studios’ expansion into long-form storytelling. At first glance, it seemed like they were focusing more on mini-series than trying to focus on a yearly seasonal turnout. Disney+ is no stranger to it, as The Mandalorian just released its second season. However, that show also proved how flexible the streaming service is, as the upcoming third season will release later after a new show titled The Book of Boba Fett takes over its yearly release date. So, it made us wonder if Marvel Studios may embrace multiple seasons after all. Luckily, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has confirmed this is very much a possibility:

It will vary. There are some shows that have been built to further expand our storytelling and then go into features. We’ve already announced Lizzie Olsen being a part of “Doctor Strange 2.” We’ve announced Teyonah Parris being part of “Captain Marvel 2.” There are some shows that, while always interconnected, are being built with multiple seasons in mind. So it’ll vary the way a lot of I think great TV now varies, whether it’s a couple of years between seasons of “Game of Thrones” or “Stranger Things,” or one offs like — what did I just watch? — “Queen’s Gambit.” One of the fun things about streaming is the rules are loose, which allows for you to just follow creatively, where you want to go.

Sadly, Feige is as tight-lipped as ever and did not give away which season could potentially be mapped out with multiple seasons. Interestingly enough, almost a whole year ago, our very own Charles Murphy did break the news that Loki was very likely to get a second season. It seemed like many of the lead and supporting roles were given options to return. A few days ago, the news broke that Loki showrunner Michael Waldron was also inking up a massive deal with Disney that would include a potential second season. So, it seems very likely that at least the God of Mischief was going to explore this. As Feige points out, they aren’t as restricted with their seasonal turn-out so they will adapt each show’s future season to fit within the overarching storyline, as they switch between Disney+ and feature films. So, we’ll see if WandaVision, Hawkeye, and the many other series might also return for multiple seasons.

Source: Variety

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