Kevin Feige Teases Their Approach to ‘WandaVision’ And Future Disney+ Shows

Marvel Studios has become an established force within cinema. Their films have become Blockbuster mainstays since they kickstarted with 2008’s Iron Man. Now, they are heading into completely new territory, as Disney+ will kick-start their new venture into long-form storytelling. At first, it just sounded like we were getting the type of films we are familiar with just stretched out to explore characters in new ways.

Well, it was until all the pieces came together to reveal how the upcoming release of WandaVision would change that impression. It wasn’t what we used to, as we saw our favorite heroic couple living a suburban life inspired by classic sitcom shows. During today’s press junket, it seems Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige revealed that we can expect a lot more wackiness in the future.


Kevin Feige: “And the idea was always to do something that can’t be done as a feature. Plays with the format and plays with the medium. And there were a lot of meetings before people understood what we were going for.”


It certainly sounds like their future projects will redefine our understanding of what the Marvel Cinematic Universe is. There is also a good chance that the films will start to embrace more creative directions as the franchise continues to expand. When the MCU started, it’s big selling point was that each film tried to replicate a different genre with superheroes. To give a few examples, Captain America: The Winter Soldier was a 90s spy thriller while Guardians of the Galaxy added a space opera to the franchise. It is exciting to see them expand the concept more, as many announced projects already tease this direction. She-Hulk was teased as a legal drama and Moon Knight will dive deep into his broken psyche. It is going to be exciting to see how the franchise continues to grow in the coming years.

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