KJ Apa and Isabel May to Become HBO Max’s Wonder Twins

wonder twins cast

It looks like HBO Max’s adaptation of the Wonder Twins is moving forward fast, as The Wrap has just reported that they may have already found their Zan and Jayna. Adam Sztykiel is writing and directing the project directly after his work on another DCEU project, Black Adam. It seems he and his team are currently eyeing Riverdale‘s KJ Apa and 1883’s Isabel May to take on the titular role of the twins.

If you’re wondering who exactly are the Wonder Twins and what are their powers. The twins Zan and Janya are alien twins that first appeared in the animated series The All-New Super Friends Hour. They went on to become quite popular and joined the comics later down the road. Each one has a unique ability that they can only activate when they connect their hands. Jayna can become any animal while Zan turns into the water of any state.

They even had a pet monkey called Gleek, but it’s unclear if the series will also introduce their primate companion. The twins actually made their live-action debut in CW’s Smallville series and also recently appeared in the animated Teen Titans Go! series. Not much is known about the project, but it certainly looks like HBO max and DC are hoping to activate their powers soon.

Source: The Wrap

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