Latest ‘Batgirl’ Set Photos Tease the Court of Owls and Vicky Vale

batgirl court of owls

The Batgirl set photos have been a smorgasbord filled with Easter eggs or hints of what we can expect from the upcoming HBO Max film. A mural gave us our first look at a potential appearance of Robin, as it even sparked rumors about a potential Nightwing spinoff. Yet, the latest set photos have added some more interesting references to the original 1989 Batman and one of Batman’s most iconic foes. Let’s start with the latter, as @BatgirlFilm has noticed a magazine that very openly discusses the usually secretive society known as the Court of Owls.

It’s weird seeing them so openly discussed on the cover of the fictional Gotham Tattler. So, either Michael Keaton‘s Batman faced off against them in the past and they’ve been exposed as a result, or they took a very different approach with their mythology as part of his rogue’s gallery. Speaking of Keaton, a different set photo including another magazine cover includes the name of Vicki Vale, who was played by Kim Basinger back in 1989.

There’s no word that we might actually see Vicky Vale in the film, but it’s great that they are also including references to the original 1989 project. We saw that the film#s take on Robin is quite different from how the original films introduced the character, but Keaton also wasn’t invovled once that character was included. So, they have enough wiggle room to recreate specific elements while still paying tribute to others from the original Tim Burton films.

Source: Twitter, Twitter (Vale)

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