Latest ‘Loki’ Funko Pop Revealed for Sophia Di Martino’s Sylvie

funko loki sylvie

The tradition continues, as another Funko Pop has found its way online for the latest Disney+ series. As the latest episode focused on introducing the world to the Loki Variant played by Sophia Di Martino, it was only. question of time before we get her unique Funko. Not just that, it seems they also wanted to make her stand out, as the new Funko will also include a glow-in-the-dark version to highlight her green enchantment powers.

Here is the Funko Variant showcasing her eyes and sword glowing in the iconic green:

We got the reveal for two more Funkos last week featuring some more TVA members last week and there might be many more heading our way. It’s uncertain what other characters we might expect in the coming weeks to join the series and if they are big enough to get their own Funko Pop. Still, it’s become a fun tradition that these get revealed shortly after even if sometimes they accidentally end up leaking things ahead of time for upcoming series due to early listings.

Loki has been an exciting project that explores the Marvel Cinematic Universe in creative ways. We got our glimpse at the opening of the multiverse and the introduction of the Time Variance Authority. It broke many of the classic conventions and it’ll be interesting to see how it continues to grow. We still know very little about the show’s next few episodes with the latest featurette offering a glimpse at Sylvie’s fate. We cannot wait for Wednesday to return.

Source: Twitter, Twitter (Glow)

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