Latest ‘Madame Web’ Set Photos Offer First Look at Adam Scott

madame web set photos

Madame Web remains a web of mystery as we try to figure out what exactly Sony’s endgame is here and where they are heading with their Spider-Man universe that doesn’t actually feature the webhead. They have quite a few projects in some form of development, but the one to currently stand out is the mysterious Madame Web.

Hinted at as their take on Doctor Strange, it may actually be used as a different kind of film altogether. There’s no clear hint at if this might be the film to introduce us to Sony’s version of Spider-Man, may it be someone new or even familiar. Yet, the casting of Adam Scott had many thinking that perhaps he’s the one to take on the mantle in this project. While we don’t get any clarification, we do get our first look at Scott in some new set photos.

As these photos were shared by Just Jared, we can’t share them here but you can check them out by clicking here.

It definitely isn’t revealing anything as he’s wearing some casual clothes. Though his style isn’t something that a Spider-Man wouldn’t wear. The idea of an older version of the character is definitely an interesting choice; even if Tobey Maguire is also around the same age.

Who knows if they actually explore the multiverse and we’re introduced to a variety of Peter Parkers throughout the film’s runtime. Whatever direction they are taking, it’ll definitely be interesting to see how it comes together once we get some more official information on the project.

Source: Just Jared

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