Latest ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Dev Stream Offered Update on ‘Black Widow’-Tie In Event

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It’s the first week since Marvel’s Avengers Clint Barton DLC was released, and we finally got another developer stream. This time around, it was a shorter stream with a stronger focus on tackling the bugs that plagued the game since the latest patch. So, they wanted to address them head-on in their initiative to be more transparent. It was also uncertain if the Black Widow-themed event would keep its Spring release due to the film’s release delay. Luckily, they approached it directly in the stream.

  • Black Widow’s Red Room Takeover will not get postponed. They teased some great rewards for the event, which included animated nameplates.
  • Crystal Dynamics hinted at a team-look for the Avengers in the next marketplace update. It will fix a loot issue, the PS5 trophy transfer glitch, and a progressing issue in the Reassemble campaign (Golden Acres).
  • Hawkeye’s recovery arrow glitch is still getting looked at, but they are making good progress on it.
  • We will likely see a new patch (1.5.1) next week that addresses various bugs.
  • They clarified that sometimes fixes are finished, but can only get released with specific updates, such as King Hulk’s hair.
  • Originally, the loot from Elite Villain Sectors was going to be made available in other modes. The latest fix accidentally went live before they could adjust it. Cargo robots and the Flashback missions


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  • CD wants to hear from the community what they hope to see from the Patrol Mode. They uploaded a Reddit thread where players can drop their wishes for the new mission type, which you can check out by clicking here.
  • They teased that multiple Omega-Level Threats will get dropped once the issue has been fixed. So, we expect to see their evolution once they are made available.
  • Crossplay is getting looked at, but it isn’t an easy thing to develop. They will offer insight once they figure out a way to approach it.
  • OLT villains can potentially get a Villain Sector. So, there is no rule set here by the developers.
  • Cargo Bots will not drop exotic gear but unique gear sets.
  • They teased some modifications and updates for the War Table.

The half-hour stream still had plenty of info. We got a brief tease for the upcoming event, but nothing juicy to discuss now. It still seems very plausible that the Tachyon Anomaly will get released in April. So, hopefully, we get some more details on that in the next week or so. It is fantastic that the Red Room Takeover is not getting delayed even if Black Widow won’t release until July. We’ve seen inspired outfits release last year, so it’s not too surprising they aren’t affected by it. Here’s looking forward to what the next developer stream might have in store for us.

Source: Twitch

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