Latest ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Dev Stream Offers First Glimpse at Spider-Man

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Just recently, we found out that Spider-Man will finally find his way to Marvel’s Avengers on November 30th. We haven’t gotten any real information or a look at the character, but while discussing the brand new gear system, which sounds very promising, they just secretly dropped our first look at Spider-Man. Keep in mind, there are Xbox-based buttons from a developer kit, and he remains a PlayStation-exclusive release.

It’s just a tiny glimpse, but the developers have promised us that we’ll get a closer look at the character and his skins in next week’s developer stream. So, that’s going to be a definite date to keep an eye out for a better look at the character. They didn’t mention if we’ll find out who voices him in the meeting.

This dev stream had a very specific mission. It was aired to introduce us to the new gear and perk rework. From that perspective, it was quite the success as we’ll enter a much better-defined endgame to grind out gear pieces. If you are interested, they released a blog with all the details which you can check up on here. It sounds quite promising and also the opportunity that rerolls push grinding the OLT and new Raid adds a lot of replayability.

Source: Twitch, Play Avengers

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