Latest ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Dev Stream Offers Minor Kate Bishop Update, Gear Optimization and More

It is time again for another developer stream for Marvel’s Avengers. We got a small glimpse into what is in development last week, so I was curious about what they might reveal or hint at this time around. Well, it was a quieter stream as they didn’t reveal much. Phil and Andy returned but teased that we may get some appearances of others from the development team or voice cast in the future. Let’s not waste time and jump into some of the highlights from the stream:

  • Phil confirmed that the Kate Bishop DLC is in bug testing, but naturally, there was no release date mentioned. Still, they do highlight again that they wish they could giveaway these dates. They also highlighted again the challenges they are facing.
  • They apologized for the German post. It was mistimed but did confirm that AIM Cloning Labs is getting bug tested for release. Crystal Dynamics confirmed the level will be quite a challenge and cannot be played in single-player, as there are multiple puzzle elements. Cloning Labs will be only on weekends, as they plan on adding others that will map the rest of the week.

  • Mega Hives are going to get a multiplayer variation. They are already working on it.
  • New variations of daily missions are already in development. They have a designated team behind that. If you noticed in their last War Table blog, they released pictures from the dev version of the game that lists 150+ missions. They also seem to be working on a mission type that will have you fighting enemy waves.
  • More villains are definitely on the way. Our streamers teased more complexity in the last stream.

  • Do not expect any vehicles for existing heroes. They are working on fixing the traversal issues with some of the heroes, most notably Captain America.
  • They are working on gear modifications as well as expansions on existing sets, especially for heroes post the 50 level cap. Loadouts were also confirmed to be in development in the last stream.
  • PVE experience is their core focus, so do not expect PVP for a long time.
  • Character updates will vary in size. They chose them based on what type of character they want for strike teams and if they fit the overarching narrative.

Not many larger news stories to pick from here, but they are hard at work on the game. Of course, they did point out the roadmap is still being worked on. We still are at the beginning of November, so there is still some time for the time range they teased a while back for the roadmap. It would be good to get some idea of when things release, but that depends on how far they get with bug fixes. These types of games are long-term investments that have a bad reputation. There are currently discussions surrounding its profitability for Square-Enix going around on Social Media and various platforms that are much more complex to cover based on minor information. Here’s hoping next week gives us some more information, as we have now entered the game’s third month. 

Source: Twitch

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