Latest ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Dev Stream Talk Upcoming Patches and Content

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After a brief hiatus, Marvel’s Avengers has returned with a  new developer stream. They started this one off strong by jumping into discussing some aspects, as we are nearing the release of the next DLC character, Clint Barton. They couldn’t go into any details, but they did highlight that we’ll be getting a stream showcasing his moves on March 12th, so keep an eye out for that. Without further ado, let’s jump into the big talking points of this stream:

  • New Black Widow and Ms. Marvel skins arriving next week.
  • Next week we’ll get a minor patch that fixes Iron Man‘s noise glitch and brings back battery charge on his missiles. It will also repair the King Hulk hair glitch.
  • March 18th patch will include an extensive patch note (such as fixing the HARM Room issues), and they teased other things that will get revealed beforehand on Social Media. Challenge 4 issues will also be solved with this patch.
  • PVP is not of any priority, as they want to focus on what they have.
  • Hawkeye’s Stark Tech-inspired armor is called Iron Eye. 
  • Cloning Labs content is almost finalized. They are mainly focused on progression and fixing the bugs that affect the Omega Threat-Level’s gameplay negatively. The bug is an issue because of the longer playtime necessary to finish it and stands out with these lengthy missions. The mission will take several hours, as you need to solve the puzzles that only get hinted at through the environment. Teamwork is essential.

Marvel's Avengers' finally gets Hawkeye on March 18 - Polygon


  • Once the roadmap gets signed off on, they can reveal what they are working on to the public more. CD has an internal one set but is working hard on getting it approved for the public.
  • Xbox has matchmaking issues, which aren’t connected to CD but with the platform.
  • Crafting isn’t getting worked on specifically, but they want to offer more freedom with gear stats in Loot 2.0. They are also adapting the loot drop to balance it.
  • Marketplace and vendors are getting looked into. They are working on an update and looking into a higher frequency for the offerings. Current drops weren’t changed or tuned, so they should’ve remained the same.
  • Progression Balance is being looked into, such as better farming options to avoid repetition and leveling up characters.


Hawkeye Gets Detailed In Latest Marvel's Avengers War Table - Game Informer


  • Elevator dialogue will get cut off due to the faster loading times of next-gen consoles, but they plan to fix it.
  • The percentage issue with the War Table is getting looked into.
  • CD would love a Professor Hulk skin, so they are looking into it.
  • Emote wheel is something they are still actively looking into.
  • Haptic feedback highlighted again for the upcoming PlayStation 5 version.
  • Campaign Replay won’t add any new features. It is why they don’t call New Game+. It will release sooner than other content that is being worked on.

They have gone into quite a bit of detail with some aspects and are still working hard on getting that roadmap out. We still have a few weeks to go before any big reveals are done, so it’ll be interesting to see what may be included in the major patch that arrives on March 18th with Clint.

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