Latest ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Dev Stream Teases New Game+, Kate Bishop And More

After a short hiatus, we finally got a brand new Marvel’s Avengers developer stream. This time, they didn’t host it on their own Twitch channel but together with up-and-coming streamer Laajune. It is part of their new direction to work together with people from the community, which is a great move. Of course, this stream is right after the reveal of Kate Bishop, so a lot of people were wondering what is new and what can be expected from the game’s future. Of course, here is another quick rundown of the stream highlights:


  • They confirmed that New Game+ isn’t too much longer, as it is currently in bug testing. Now, keep in mind there is no real release date but, hopefully, we could see its addition around the same time Kate Bishop is released in December.
  • AIM Cloning Labs are sadly still in bug testing. The reason it is taking time is that it is a very complex system, so they want to make sure it works once they release it.
  • The reason they chose the Omega-Level threat naming is that they don’t believe it is complex enough to be called a raid.
  • Yes, AIM Labs and Kate Bishop will feature brand new and unique Exotics.
  • Speaking of Bishop, her Quantum abilities are not a new status effect on weapons. It is an element unique to her, but they did tease that new ones are going to be included in future content drops.



  • Her focus remains on ranged attacks, so she is comparable to Iron Man.
  • Kate’s DLC will expand existing hero‘s stories, which will evolve throughout the various expansions. It sounded like we can expect some unique heroic mission trees that follow-up on the Reassemble campaign.
  • Multiplayer Mega Hives are still in development.
  • They have been looking into concepts like leaderboards and clan creations. They are excited about playing with them in the future. Reworks are underway for the star rating to optimize it.
  • They acknowledge the game’s repetition and set it as their mission to change that with future content. Hawkeye’s DLC will include brand new environments that were teased in the trailer.
  • There was a mention of Hulk potentially being able to throw objects in the future.



  • The roadmap is waiting for internal approval so that they can release it. Crystal Dynamics confirmed that their teams have adjusted to having to work from home, so they are at a rhythm to get more precise with their work. They are also getting support from their companies to work from home.
  • They teased that there might be more to the short shot of the Circe Q drink at the end of the Kate Bishop Deep Dive.

Ever since I saw the latest War Table, I have been excited to replay the campaign again. There was a brief question if we could replay the new missions, which hopefully will be confirmed. It would be a waste not to revisit these stories in the future, as they bring a lot of life and unique aspects to the game. We still have some time until Avengers’ first big character update is released, but I do hope we get some minor updates until then. There won’t be an official stream next week during Thanksgiving but we can expect more in the future. These are a great way to get a small look into what they are working on, as well as see what new projects they might be interested in tackling.

Source: Twitch

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