Scott Cawthon Offers ‘Five Nights at Freddy’s’ Film Update

Five Nights at Freddy’s is a fascinating franchise. The first entry started as the final project that Scott Cawthon wanted to do before leaving the franchise behind. Suddenly, the game was a massive success, and it started getting one sequel after sequel. Now, the franchise includes merchandise and even a long list of books that take place in a different canon. There was only one thing many of us were waiting for the announced Five Nights at Freddy’s movie. Well, ScottCawthon was working on a new script after the rights were passed on to Blumhouse Studio. We heard nothing on it for years until he suddenly took to Reddit to reveal some details on the script and project. It is quite a long update so don’t let the title mislead you, the film has not been canceled but is entering production soon.

Bad news about the FNAF movie. 🙁 from fivenightsatfreddys

Have to give it to him, the title is wonderfully misleading. So yes, the FNAF film is finally going to start shooting in Spring with Scott combining his various story ideas in one. The “Mike” naming of the screenplay is also interesting as Mike Schmidt was the name of the first game’s protagonist. It looks like he went through nine different scripts with some spinning off from the novel series. It is uncertain how the film will tie into the games or novels. They may be trying to set-up a third canon that isn’t bound by the game’s overall lore but will have similar elements.

I think focusing on something closer to the first game would be a great way to introduce filmgoers to the franchise. Hopefully, they will also be using actual animatronics and not CGI, as it would add a great and unique element to the film. There is still a lot of hype around this franchise, as its next game Security Breach will be a PlayStation exclusive. I cannot wait to see Freddy and the gang in live-action in the coming years.

Source: Polygon, Reddit

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