Latest ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Dev Stream Teases the Potential Return of Loki

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We just recently got a major update for Marvel’s Avengers roadmap. Patrol Mode was pushed back after the upcoming Black Panther expansion. Of course, we hoped to get some more insight into what the future holds with the latest developer stream. Luckily, they did exactly that, as we got some insight into what was revealed, some future teases, and

  • The reasoning for the switch was that they want to focus on endgame content. As such, they wanted to get Omega-Level Threats and multiplayer options out first. It also gives them time to continue work on Patrol Mode to add some elements to it.
  • Power Level cap was pushed to release after War for Wakanda, as they want to combine it with the right content that requires that extension.
  • Monica’s Villain Sector will be the template for future content, as they want to avoid enemy sponges but offer unique challenges with their bosses. She actually shouldn’t be able to get one-shotted by players, which is due to a missing threshold. It will be corrected in the future. AI was purposely a little dumb, as they want to enforce the focus on playing with others to finish these types of missions.


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  • Thor’s Marvel Cinematic Universe skin will not be the next release, but it is on its way as they have to finalize some details.
  • OLTs follow the same philosophy as Monica’s Villain Sector. The first OLT, titled Family Reunion, is similar to the mission introduced in Kate’s operation. However, the major difference is that this one isn’t puzzle-focused. So, the big challenge here will be the boss fight against the Super Adaptoid. Cloning Labs is the more puzzle-focused entry.
  • There was a brief tease that the Super Adaptoid might resurface somewhere. No details were given but could imply the Patrol Mode.
  • Duplicate heroes are a permanent feature moving forward and are also active in OLTs, but they highlight that a good combination of characters is essential. It got prioritized because they wanted to ensure people can play Black Panther. Yet, do not expect any story content to explain this. It is simply a gameplay mechanic moving forward but could get used in future events.


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  • Crystal Dynamics highlighted the character-specific missions. It’s uncertain if they will return with War for Wakanda, but they highlighted that they want to continue working on the storylines set, such as the one teased with Loki.
  • Black Panther will feature more new villain types than just the Spider-bot. You can also expect a unique Faction and more non-robot foes. They also teased other additions after the expansion has launched.
  • They’re working on a mode where you have no companions but couldn’t offer any details. Loadouts are also currently in development.
  • There was a question regarding a villain lock-up location. They confirmed it’s something they’d be interested in doing, but there are no plans. Right now, their main focus is providing variety and endgame content. They want to get to a point where you can find specific gear by tackling specific bosses or missions.

Overall, the future seems promising. We got a confirmation that content got planned for the next few years, and we’ll get an update for the game’s second year around Black Panther’s release. Right now, it’s their primary focus, as it includes a playable Wakanda region. Here’s hoping we won’t have to wait too long to finally try out the OLTs and get our first glimpse at the king in action.

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