Latest ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Dev Stream Revealed First Details on Upcoming Hawkeye DLC

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Right after the announcement that Clint Barton would finally get a Deep Dive next month, Crystal Dynamics had their latest developer stream. Of course, they couldn’t reveal anything major, but the team did use this chance to interact with the community. Not just that, they were even able to tease something about Hawkeye’s unique abilities. So, without wasting any time, let’s jump right into the latest developer stream recap:

  • CD revealed two types of arrows that include Pulsar and Tripwire. Pulsar Arrows stick to surfaces before they can explode remotely. In contrast, tripwire arrows consist of three elements that trigger when enemies get too close.
  • showcase stream will follow the Deep Dive. It will showcase how he and Kate are unique from each other. Her mentor has a different way of swinging his sword and heroics to make him stand out.
  • The next-gen update will include faster load times and unique haptic feedback for every hero. CD also teased the release date for the upcoming War Table video.



  • They asked the chat what enemy factions they would like to see. HYDRA was the top choice but also some surprising inquiries for Ultron bots. It surprised them as they know that people are tired of those robots.
  • Sadly, there was no update on Cloning Labs or Super Adaptoid.
  • The power rating and difficulty bug got fixed some time ago. It is currently only a UI issue.

It was great that they were able to reveal something about Clint. The arrows sound like a lot of fun to use. He might be more focused on trapping enemies throughout the map. It certainly adds an interesting new twist. They did confirm that he will have a completely new toolset that will set him apart from his protégé. It was quite a lot of love for HYDRA as a new enemy faction. I would love to see some dinosaurs from the Savage Lands or even ULTIMATUM getting the focus in the future. There is a lot to draw from, so if the Watchdogs can make it, why not?


Also, a big shout-out to @Sonicphoto and @CalexStreams for working together on collecting all the tidbits from the stream.

Source: Twitch

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